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Movie Magic Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my Movie Magic card to get the discount?
Discount on tickets and discountable items in our bars and restaurants is only available to customers who provide their card or card number at the time of purchase.

Can I use my card to get a discount for my friends?
Your discount card works per person. Each member of your group booking would need a Movie Magic Discount Card to get the discount.

Does it only work on Monday?
The discount works all day, every day! But there is an added bonus on a Monday where 2 cardholders only pay for 1 standard admission ticket between them. The Magic Monday offer is not available at Torquay, Weston-super-Mare or Ayr.

Can it be used in conjunction with Meerkat Movies?
Yes, you can use your Movie Magic Card discount in conjunction with this offer, the cheapest ticket will be processed as the free ticket. However, you cannot use this deal in conjunction with a free ticket on your Movie Magic Card account. 

Can it be used in conjunction with other ticket promotions?
The Movie Magic Discount is applied on standard admission tickets. If the ticket price on selected shows has already been discounted, then it is not always the case that a cardholder would receive a futher discount, such as the Mini Movie or Bargain Show offers. However, where possible with some promotions a lower rate for cardholders will be stated and given.

I thought we only needed one card for the Magic Monday deal?
The Magic Monday deal works when 2 cardholders buy their tickets together, so 2 cardholders are required to purchase their tickets in the same transaction to get the deal. The Magic Monday offer is not available at Torquay, Weston-super-Mare or Ayr.

How do I know when the expiry date is?
You can check the expiry date of your Movie Magic Card by accessing your online account which shows how many days are remaining on your existing account and you can also update your other details. You can also ask at the cinema who can check by swiping your card.

Can you email me when it’s due?
Yes, if you're signed up to receive our listings emails you will receive a reminder and extra offers when they are sent. 

If I buy my Movie Magic Card online how do I get my card?
Once the transaction is complete you can collect your card at the box office on your next visit. When you collect your tickets, just ask them to issue your new Movie Magic card, you will be asked to confirm your identity either with the transaction details or by personal details,  it only takes a moment to issue the card. 

If I renew my Movie Magic Card online do I need a new card?
Once the transaction is complete your existing Movie Magic card can be used as before, you don't need a new card if you are renewing an existing Movie Magic card. If you have lost the physical card this can be replaced at the cinemas for £1.50.

Can I buy more than one Movie Magic Card at a time?
Online you can only buy one Movie Magic card at a time and you will need to create a log in for your account at the time. This means if you also need to buy a card for a family member, partner etc then you either need to buy them separately online using their email addresses to set up their accounts at the same time, or you can buy multiple cards at the cinema in person. 

How can I use my free ticket? 
If you purchased or renewed your Movie Magic Card on, or after the 14th of October 2022 then your Movie Magic free ticket can be used online or by phone, or in person. You will need to select Movie Magic Free as the ticket type when booking online, then select Continue and the system will verify your details. 

If you purchased or renewed your Movie Magic Card before 14th October 2022 then your Complimentary Pass can be redeemed in person or by phone, booking online with these types of pass is not possible. Restrictions apply to FLS films. 

What are the Adult, Senior and Child age boundaries?
Children are up to age 14 years, Adults are classed from 15 years to 59 years, and Seniors from age 60 years and over.

When I renew do I get a new card?
Your existing card will continue to work once it’s been renewed. You won’t need a new card.

Is that concession price?
Children and Seniors have a discounted rate which is linked to the date of birth given at the time of sign-up. This means that the account will update to be accurate if the cardholder changes from child to adult or adult to senior.

Can it be used on Event Cinema screenings?
Yes, you get a special discounted rate on event cinema for most performances.

Can I use my free ticket on Event Cinema?
Free tickets issued for Movie Magic card purchases or renewals are valid for films only. 

Can I use my free ticket on live shows at Regal Theatre in Redruth?
Free tickets issued for Movie Magic card purchases or renewals are valid for films only. 

My wallet got stolen how do I get a new one?
You can pay for a new card for £1.50. This can be done at the cinema.

Is the price charged per month?
No, the Movie Magic Card has an annual charge.

Does it last forever?
The Movie Magic Card has an annual charge.

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